iVvy helping Zambrero and Stop Hunger Now in their fight to end hunger!

Posted on 2 April 2019
Our iVvy team members, Ingrid Duxbury and Louise Fletcher, were proud to be a part of Zambrero’s plate 4 plate & Stop hunger now’s initiative in support of World Food Day. In October Ingrid and Louise joined hundreds of others to pack thousands of meals to be shipped to third world countries, helping children in need and putting them and their families on a path toward a better life. We have just received notice from Zambrero that these meals have now been shipped and we are so excited thousands of people starving around the world will be helped in a small part by iVvy. To see how these meals are helping those in need please read the below email from Karim Messiah, General Manager Zambrero. Blessa Chloe Zamora is a happy, healthy 5-year old who loves food and will eat anything, except maybe vegetables!  Abandoned by her birth mother as a baby, Chloe blossomed after receiving nutritious Stop Hunger Now meals at a children’s home.  A sweet and loving child who enjoys giving kisses and hugs to the staff, Chloe has grown to a healthy weight of 12.8 kilos and 39 inches tall. Chloe is but one example of the tens of thousands of children around the world who are being helped by Stop Hunger Now and the Zambrero Plate for Plate program. By packaging meals with us on World Food day, you have helped put them and their families on a path toward a better life. We are delighted to announce that 259,632 meals, including your meal packaging events meals and others across the country packaged on October 16th 2015, have been shipped to our partners, International Care Ministries in the Philippines. International Care Ministries (ICM) has served the ultra-poor in the Philippines since 1992. In the past few years, ICM’s community-based, holistic solutions have reached more than 500,000 people living in poverty, building resilience and greater well-being in families and whole communities across the Visayas and Mindanao regions. After ICM’s four-month transform program, ICM’s ultra-poor participants experience: • 95% increase in household income • 31% decrease in serious illnesses • 27% decrease in those going hungry at least once a week ICM is helping children and their whole families to live healthier, safer and more productive lives through both transformative programs and disaster response. Visit for more information on how you can support our Plate 4 Plate program with Stop Hunger Now and continue your involvement in the fight against hunger.  Follow us on Facebook at for updates, videos and photos from the field. Thank you for volunteering with Zambrero Plate 4 Plate and Stop Hunger Now.  We truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to the vision of a world without hunger. Gratefully, Karim Messiah General Manager Zambrero