Oakwood Premier Melbourne

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Oakwood Premier Melbourne stands as a luxurious five-star hotel nestled in the vibrant Southbank district of Melbourne. With its 392 elegantly appointed guest rooms, the hotel offers an unparalleled experience of comfort and luxury to its guests.

Beyond accommodation, Oakwood Premier Melbourne boasts six versatile event spaces, catering to a wide array of functions. These spaces are perfectly suited for an extensive range of events, including weddings, corporate gatherings, board meetings, and social events. The versatility and sophistication of these venue spaces make Oakwood Premier Melbourne a sought-after destination for hosting memorable events of all kinds.

iVvy Solution

iVvy’s accessibility was a huge drawcard for the team at Oakwood Premier, who are now able to log into the system and work from anywhere, at any time. Alyssa explains;

“The thing that attracted us most to iVvy was that it was cloud based. I have a pretty big team here at the hotel, and in a post-COVID world, they work remotely. They travel a lot for work to meet clients, and prospective clients, and to be able to input details or generate a proposal. It’s sitting in front of someone as opposed to writing down all of the notes and coming back to the desk later and doing it. It’s a lot more efficient. It also just means that we’re giving our clients live information.”

For Alyssa, iVvy’s reporting capabilities are a favoured feature, providing the most accurate and up to date data for successful team management.

“To be able to accurately and very quickly generate a report on any measure or metric from revenue to profitability to even down to team activity to know who they’re meeting with, when they’re meeting with them – those sorts of details are imperative to me as a manager to successfully manage my team.”

“The team would probably say the consistency and the efficiency of the program. So regardless of which client it is and which team members managing them, ultimately they get the same experience. They’re getting the same proposal, the same contract.”

As a valued client, Oakwood Premier recieves 24/7 support and assistance from iVvy, meaning any requests or issues are rectified fast.

“If we ever do need additional support, we know the iVvy team are there. We do use them. We utilise them quite frequently. We’re a new hotel and we’re growing hotels. So as we grow and develop and our needs change, we do need to change the system. And there are certain things that we may not have encountered before. So it’s very easy to raise a ticket and reach out to the team and get support. And the response times are really quick, which is something that we really value.”

iVvy’s venue management software’s scalability and customisation help Oakwood Premier meet the evolving demands of event clients, crucial at a time where personalised and unique event experiences are not just preferred, but expected.

Highlighting this, Alyssa shares, “One of the biggest benefits of iVvy is that it will adapt and change as the event industry does. One trend we’re seeing and we’ve been saying for quite a few years and I think it’s it’s really here to stay is bespoke events. Everyone wants something new and different. They don’t want something that’s been done before.


Since implementing iVvy venue management software, Oakwood Premier Melbourne have seen positive impacts on business processes and efficiency. With this new collaboration, they are now able to generate proposals in record time and have significantly reduced manual errors. They are also able to gain insight into sales performance, from lead time to conversion rates.

“Since implementing iVvy, we’ve definitely seen an increase in efficiency within the team. Generating a proposal can be done within 15 minutes. Historically, our proposals were general. They were just a template we had to kind of manually populate, which is not only time-consuming, but it can be really inaccurate. There’s so much human error that can go into that in terms of being able to actually quantify or calculate the challenges. Our system couldn’t give us those numbers. I wasn’t able to track conversion or lead time or anything like that. Now we can, which has been a huge benefit for us.”

Oakwood Premier’s reporting is no longer a manual process. Reports are now generated with the click of a button, enabling insights to be shared across the team for improved customer service.

“iVvy has changed day-to-day operations for the business in a multitude of ways. For me, the biggest is the reporting element. Historically, my reporting was done manually. It was a manual Excel document that I inputted numbers into. Now I can do that with a click of a button through the system for the operations team. I would say it’s giving them the communication and tools to do their job. So they have a daily generated report that essentially just tells them the movements of the building, what guests we have coming in, and what event space they’re using, which is really imperative for them because they’re the first touch point when someone comes into the hotel.”

“iVvy helps us with that because we can generate things really quickly, whether it be entering a lead to proposal, to a contract. That process is seamless and can be done very quickly, which often is what our clients need. We meet their deadlines, which means often we secure the business ahead of our competitors.”

Alyssa Wilson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Oakwood Premier Melbourne

  • Customised proposals
  • Fast report generation
  • 24/7 support