QPM Hotels

Now enjoys an entirely unified sales process


QPM Hotels offers a warm and friendly hospitality experience in South Texas, providing a range of hotel services that cater to discerning travellers. Currently, QPM operates five hotels in the region, with a further two under construction.

Hotels are managed by QPM under three major brands – IHG, Hilton, and Choice. Each hotel is renowned for exceptional services, accommodations, and amenities that ensure a guest’s stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The Challenge

QPM Hotels had been using legacy-based software for managing their venues. However, they later switched to a cloud-based version for better functionality and convenience. Although the cloud-based system was an improvement, its outdated and limited abilities were challenging for QPM’s operations.

The company faced difficulties in managing contracts, continuing to rely on manual data entry. Moreover, the inability to send and receive electronic agreements created inefficiencies, leading to more time spent on back-and-forth communication. These processes resulted in an extended conversion period, a significant setback for QPM’s productivity.

iVvy Solution

iVvy’s venue management software, with cloud-based technology and customisable features, became QPM Hotels’ preferred choice for boosting sales productivity.

Reflecting on the transition to iVvy’s venue management software, Ashley Thurman, the Regional Director of Sales at QPM Hotels, noted, “The information made available to us through iVvy has facilitated a more structured and efficient method of utilising our software tools compared to our past experiences.”

Central Contact Management System (CMS)
By having all contact information accessible in a CMS, QPM Hotels can now simplify their sales process. iVvy’s CMS allows team members to easily access past communication and enquiry details, which helps them to offer more personalised communication, improving relationships and increasing conversion potential.

Contracts and Digital Signatures
QPM can now use templates for creating documents such as proposals and quotes, which can significantly reduce conversion times.

By utilising templates, QPM can quickly generate and distribute documents to potential clients, while also providing the added convenience of digital signatures. This feature allows contracts to be signed and returned up to 80% faster than traditional paper contracts*.

* Source: TechEngage

Weekly Sales Reporting
QPM now have greater insight into sales performance with iVvy’s sales dashboard. Insights in this feature help to track monthly revenue and compare it to the same period last year. Additionally, it allows QPM team members to determine if they’re achieving monthly sales targets and keeping to a budget.

By utilising this tool, QPM gains a deeper insight into business performance, which enables them to anticipate future sales more accurately. These valuable insights assist them in making better decisions, planning more effectively, and ultimately improving their overall business performance.


QPM has identified iVvy’s unified platform as one of its most robust features. Previously, the company used multiple tools for their sales process, which was time-consuming and error-prone.

But now, with a centralised platform, QPM has simplified its sales management process. This streamlined approach has allowed their team to focus more on their clients and provide better attention.

“It’s a comprehensive solution. In iVvy, we can manage several stages of the sales process, as opposed to juggling between maybe three different tools previously,” Ashley comments.

iVvy has also automated many administration tasks for QPM, providing team members with greater freedom. For QPM sales team members, this means more opportunities for client engagement and deal closures.

“As the main user in our Sales Department, I can testify that it has drastically minimised the time we spend on administrative tasks that back the sales process. This enables us to respond to our clients more swiftly without compromising the quality of our service.”

iVvy’s CRM features have helped QPM streamline its sales funnel. By leveraging templates, digital signatures, and analytics, the team can identify opportunities more efficiently and have more time to focus on sales strategies that can help enhance revenue growth.

“iVvy has streamlined our sales processes and strategies, affording us more time for sales activities, which ultimately boosts our bottom line.”

“As the primary user in our Sales Department, I can assure it has significantly reduced the time spent on administrative tasks that support the sales process. It allows us to assist our clients quicker without sacrificing the quality of our work.”

Ashley Thurman Regional Director of Sales, QPM Hotels

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