Strato Melbourne

Now boasts a scalable software solution for continued venue growth


Strato Melbourne, perched on the 40th floor of Oakwood Premier Melbourne, is an upscale venue renowned for its exceptional offerings. With a luxurious restaurant, two exclusive V.I.P. function areas, two opulent bar spaces, and a captivating floating outdoor lounge, Strato provides guests with a truly unique and sophisticated dining and event experience.


As a newly established venue, Strato Melbourne faced the challenge of selecting the right venue management software. William Kay, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Strato, recognised the complexities of managing hotels, hospitality venues, and event spaces.

Drawing from his prior experiences with different venue and event management software, William aimed to find a comprehensive solution that could address several key concerns. These included the constraints of limited training resources, cost considerations, and the imperative for online adaptability. William was committed to future-proofing the Yarra Hotels Group and began researching solutions that could streamline operations while elevating the overall guest experience.

iVvy Solution

After evaluating various software platforms, iVvy emerged as the most suitable choice for Strato Melbourne.

William explains, “Having a platform that we could add in future properties and manage as a central team made the most sense to me. iVvy was the best fit for Strato as it is easy to train someone new to events, it was logical, modern, and easy to navigate around.”

“The training and support for any questions or concerns is always quick too. It has all the functionality that we require and integrates with other event spaces and the hotel.”

“Another area was that I felt it was fit for purpose. It was easy to train someone new to events, it was logical, modern, and easy to navigate around. The training and support for any questions or concerns is always quick too.”

Strato’s team now relies extensively on iVvy’s key features, including:

Diary View
iVvy’s diary view offers an intuitive calendar for efficient venue booking. At a glance, Strato’s team can view upcoming venue bookings and availability, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring optimal space use.

Online Enquiry Form
iVvy’s instant venue booking process streamlines lead capture and initial client inquiries. It accelerates response times, boosts lead conversion rates, and enhances customer satisfaction by providing efficient lead tracking and rapid responses.

E-Documents (Contracts, Invoices, and BEO)
iVvy’s e-documents feature digitalises contracts, invoices, and BEOs for Strato, reducing paper usage, and improving both efficiency and accuracy. Clients can review and sign documents online for faster turnaround times.

Cloud-Based Functionality
iVvy’s cloud-based functionality provides the Strato team with remote access to crucial data and operations, ensuring business continuity during unforeseen disruptions and allowing seamless remote work operations.


The adoption of iVvy has provided Strato Melbourne with the flexibility to work from anywhere. This flexibility not only ensures business continuity but also positions the venue as a competitive and flexible workplace.

iVvy’s cloud-based accessibility facilitates quick updates and connectivity with other plug-in software, which is essential given the multifaceted roles of Strato team members.

iVvy’s platform has significantly improved the visibility and connectivity between various departments and stakeholders within both Strato and Oakwood Premier. Departments can now easily collaborate and share information seamlessly, with iVvy as a centralised hub that allows property stakeholders to access real-time data, track progress, and make better-informed business decisions.

“iVvy is a modern software that has the flexibility to work with your needs and can assist in growing alongside you.”

William Kay, Director of Sales and Marketing at Strato

  • Tech fee without commissions
  • Rules Engine for live bookings
  • Direct booking engine and distribution controls